Intro Ops is all about you

We help you to use your data effectively and to optimize your market information processes.

  • Information systems
  • Category Management
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With our extensive experience in global markets and industries we can develop specific solutions to resolve your process and data issues.

Your business information

After analysing existing data systems we can offer you a tailor-made solution to get the most valuable information from your data. Preferably we look at the most detailed level, always online based, so you have 24/7 access to your data and reports.

Examples include Market Basket, Category Management, Hourly analysis.

Data visualisation

We can help you convince with data. We provide powerful and attractive data visuals. Find out more about data visualisation.

Market Basket

The Market Basket Analysis  bridges the gap between data and your customer. Analysing purchase behaviour will discover patterns and create new cross-sell opportunities.

Category Management

A good overview of sales performance is key to any successful business. What are the fast moving goods? What is the impact of external factors such as weather, season,etc? Intro Ops is focused on finding new opportunities for your products

Peak hour optimisation

Purchase information at an hourly level, can be further analysed. For instance when was the purchase made and what are the peak moments of the day. Which factors help increase the chance of sales.Ready to shake up your system?

Intro Ops can help you optimise dataflows, extracting relevant and valuable information you can use to help further grow your business. Get in touch to discuss the possiblities.